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1000+ Students From 22 Nations Have Taken ANM!

6,410 gospel shares - 1,846 new decisions for Christ - 386 water baptisms - 100+ new discipleship groups formed

Jesus commissioned us all to make disciples, yet most Christians do not feel confident to make a single disciple.

When we read the book of Acts, we see everyday Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit to multiply disciples (Acts 6:7), successfully seeing thousands of new believers discipled into the Kingdom.

Acts Now Moment, is a 3 month intensive training to equip and multiply Kingdom disciple-makers across the globe.

Our goal is to train YOU to become an effective disciple-maker, operating in supernatural love and power, fulfilling the Great Commission with sustainable passion and the ability to equip others to do the same.

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The Team

Joel Shaw

Tivoli Miracle Centre

Joel Shaw is the Lead Pastor at Tivoli Miracle Centre, and is passionate about equipping the saints to live out the fullness of the Great Command and the Great Commission. Joel has pioneered international movements like Pray and Go, Outbreak, Glory School of Supernatural Transformation, and the Sending Centre that is focused on activation, supernatural evangelism and discipleship multiplication. He is a passionate and dynamic speaker as well as a worship leader. 

Benji Morf

Kingdom Family Multiplication

Benji and his wife, Daniela, are from Switzerland. They are founders of Kingdom Family Multiplication, a ministry aimed at bringing holistic transformation to the nations. They're multiplying disciples among least, last and lost tribes and have witnessed several thousand new organic churches all around South and Southeast Asia, in the past 12 years. They are both very passionate for unity in diversity within the body of Christ, which reflects Heaven's family culture to the nations.

Jason Chin

Love Says Go

Jason is the founder of Love Says Go Ministries which has helped train more than 100,000 Christians in a supernatural lifestyle to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jason´s heart is to help everyday believers experience more of God´s love that will move them beyond fear. He focuses on the importance of demonstrating both God´s love and power through healing the sick, prophecy, and deliverance. Jason and his wife Debby are missionaries in Switzerland and have a call to see Europe saved!

Mark Goering

Multiplying Disciples

Mark Goering is a developer of leaders and founder of Multiplying Disciples, a YouTube channel and coaching network dedicated to training believers in multiplying disciples, leaders and churches in every people and place. With over 20 years of pioneering ministry experience, Mark shares practical insights and Biblical teaching on discipleship, evangelism, and spiritual growth. Mark and his wife Megan are missionaries in New York with a vision for movement!

Vanessa Jarvis

Tivoli Miracle Centre

Vanessa and her husband, Heath live in Australia and are assistant pastors at Tivoli Miracle Centre. With their 6 children, they pursue to grow in missions helping churches with discipleship and building. Vanessa has a mothers heart and a passion for intercession and prayer, having a ministry, Heartbeat of an Intercessor and School of the Spirit, in which she loves to equip people particularly in intercession, discernment, healing, deliverance.

Tech & Coaches

Global Family of God

There are a lot of key leaders that are journeying with us at Acts Now Moments. We are so thankful to have loyal Tech help that run the Zoom rooms and many coaches that are key leaders of several discipleship movements. There are too many important people to be able to list everyone here but we wanted to make sure we thanked all our incredible tech and coaches that sow their gifts and talents into our awesome ANM students!

Student Testimonials

"Before this school, I felt stuck. Now it is so clear, everyone can make disciples with these simple steps and tools. I also experienced God's love so deeply that it changed the way I see myself and others. I have a new vision to reach my city with Jesus. My life is changed!

Anja (United Kingdom)

"We are now more bold to share our faith with others. The fear of man has become less and this lifestyle of love has become easier & more normal."

- Deflin (Philippines)

"Before this school, I was not sure what discipleship making was. Now I feel really equipped and empowered to make disciples. We have learned so much."

- Debby (Switzerland)

"Training live each week with so many believers from many nations was so special and encouraging. It really was a global family celebration!"

- Joyce (USA)

Training & Equipping

The 4 Main Training Components



One Saturday a month, we will spend a whole day together to get saturated with the depth of God´s heart for us, the church, and the lost world. The goal is to be immersed in God's presence and fellowship with Him and one another. It is crucial to be aligned and deeply rooted in God’s love, acceptance & His identity. From that place of proper alignment, we can be successfully launched into our assignment to make disciples that multiply.

These Immerse days are something very special and unique to our school. We believe they will deeply mark you for life!

  • Saturday, May 20th
  • Saturday, June 24th
  • Saturday, July 29th
  • Saturday, Sept 9th



These are the weekly group gatherings where the majority of the training happens. We´ll be meeting every Tuesday for 2 hours, training new disciple making tools to your homegroup to familiarize and implement.

At the end of every Tuesday session, ANM leadership will stay back for an extra (optional) 30 min Q & A time.

Dates: May 16th-August 8th.

Two Timezone Options

  • Timezone 1: 7pm Brisbane / 10am Germany / 5pm Singapore
  • Timezone 2: 7pm Germany / 10am California



During the school, you'll be mobilized to reach out, start making disciples, and through that, form your first group of new converts.



These 2 minute daily habits videos inspire, motivate and prepare you for the great things that God has prepared for you each day.

This Training is Designed Only for Groups.

Why Groups?

A group consists of 2 or more people.

We see how Jesus sent out the disciples in pairs for a purpose. We have learned that for sustained multiplication groups are important. Our heart is not just for individuals to receive training but to empower groups to learn, grow, and multiply disciples together!

Acts Now Moment is designed to be facilitated online with groups meeting together in a house or church, joining as a group through Zoom. We have found to have sustained growth and multiplication it is important to be able to implement the M.A.W.L. learning method.

Model / Assist / Watch / Launch

First, we model a discipleship tool, then we assist, after that, we watch as others lead, then we launch the groups to be able to multiply this.

Each Tuesday, the groups will gather and watch the live training components and then as a group, will have time to practice what they learned, doing the exercises together. There will be regional facilitators that are able to assist and watch the groups as they practice the school activities.

There are 2 Types of Groups

Option 1

Group Gathered Live

Gather a group and meet together in person live to one of the three time zones. This is the preferred training option.

Option 2

Time Zone Challenges

The facilitator joins the live training over Zoom and meets with their group in person at a different time that week.

This is Your Acts Now Moment!

  • Timezone 1: 7pm Brisbane / 10am Germany / 5pm Singapore
  • Timezone 2: 7pm Germany / 10am California

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